Flexibase: How To Find A Company’s Approach To Flexible Working

As a job seeker, it’s incredibly difficult to find an organisation’s approach to flexible working. 68% of companies in the UK don’t outwardly publicise their flexibility, yet 98% of individuals are in favour of employers publishing their policies. That’s why we’ve launched our very own tool, to change the lack of transparency between organisations and candidates.

Welcome to Flexibase, the UK’s first database that allows candidates to find an organisation’s approach to flexible working, developed in partnership with Flex Appeal (Anna Whitehouse) and leading D&I consultancy, Included.

Flexibase gives candidates the ability to find an organisation that fits their flexible working needs, while allowing organisations to outwardly publicise their approach. The platform utilises our bespoke flexible working methodology of four key components: working patterns, workload, workplace and life events, which features 20+ different types of flexible working options.  

Our ambition and goal is to provide a flexible working database of all businesses in the UK that have 250+ employees across all sectors, including finance, technology, construction, retail, IT, health, education & more. At present, there are over 8,000 businesses in the UK with 250+ employees. While our platform is initially focused on larger organisations, it’s available to all businesses regardless of size. Please contact us, if you’d like to be featured or involved with Flexibase. 

“Candidates for too long have struggled to understand whether an organisation fits their needs and flexible working requirements. Flexibase changes this, giving organisations the ability to be transparent in one uniformed structure. Flexibase will change how candidates find an organisation in the future, helping to eleviate problems in the recruitment process.” Stephen Frost, CEO of Included.

Flexibase not only provides transparency between candidates and organisations, it sets an industry standard framework for business to implement when developing their own approach to flexible working. This is about changing transparency and setting an industry standard for the future of flexible work.

“For so long we’ve been lobbying government to change the current flexible working policy to ‘flex from day one for everyone’. To be able to work with a platform like Flexibase that creates cultural change is huge. WorkYourWay could bypass the sluggish shift we are seeing in shifting the way we work. It’s not simply about where people work but who you include at the table. Here’s to a more flexible future where everyone can truly work in their own way.” Anna Whitehouse, Mother Pukka & Founder of Flex Appeal

Navigating the world of careers hub to find an organisation’s approach to flexible working is finally over. To discover an organisations that fits your flexible needs and requirements, visit Flexibase