How To Use WorkYourWay To Find Your Ideal Flexible Job

Simply put, flexible work isn’t one size fits-all. When an individual searches for a flexible job, they need to be able to combine multiple ways of working into one search. That’s why we developed WorkYourWay, to allow candidates to find a role that fits your needs and requirements. 

Built for today’s job market, WorkYourWay utilises a unique flexible working framework of four key components: working patterns, workload, workplace and life events. Our four different sub-groups refer to different aspects of your working life – these generally differ for every individual: 

  1. Working Patterns: these refer to how your contractual hours are split across the days of your working week. For example, patterns include part-time, term-time, annualised hours, flexi-time & more.
  2. Workload: the amount of work assigned to you or expected in a specified time period. For example an organisation may offer you job sharing, reduced hours or commissioned outcomes.
  3. Workplace: the location where you work for your employer. There are four core workplace options: hybrid working (office / home), remote or mobile working, work from home (WFH) and office-working.
  4. Life Event: this usually refers to a significant event in your life, which can include events such as shared parental leave and career breaks / sabbaticals.

So, how do you find your perfect job on WorkYourWay using these groups? Candidates have the option to combine up to 23 different ways of working, across these four key groups; for a full list of these, head to our definitions.

Here’s how to search using WorkYourWay: 

To ensure we match you with the correct roles, insert your preferred title / keyword, location, job function, along with your desired flexibility across working patterns, workload, workplace and life-events. We’ve analysed 1,000’s of job searches and discovered candidates combine on average 3-5 different ways of working to find their ideal job. Here’s some examples of what you can search for: 

  • Full-time + Flexi-time + Compressed Hours + Remote Working
  • Part-time + Flexi-time + Office Working
  • Full-time + Hybrid Working + Career Breaks & Sabbaticals
  • Part-time + Phased Retirement + Work From Home
  • Full-time + Remote Working + Shared Parental Leave

Once you’ve added all your options, start filtering through our job listings; keep an eye out for our ‘match rate’, which indicates how relevant each job is to your search criteria. We also include additional information on each job to help you with your search. These include: 

  • Core Hours: some roles may specify core hours that you are required to work. That doesn’t mean they can’t offer flexible hours, but it’s worth keeping an eye out. 
  • Hybrid Working: all our roles list out the number of days you get to work at home vs. the office if the job is listed as hybrid. Some may offer 1-2 days, others 3-4 days every week. 
  • Key Skills: at the top of every job description, we have several key skills listed out. Do you match with them? If so, make sure they’re also on your profile to help with additional matching. 
  • Flexibility: towards the bottom of every job description, you’ll find the flexible working options across working patterns, workload, workplace and life-events. 

Once you’ve found your ideal role, you can either ‘Add to wish list’, or simply go ahead and apply. If you have any additional questions, or need some more information on our flexible working options, please contact us. 


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